Get the Broom

The Yankees will start 21 year old AAA pitcher Tyler Clippard tonight on ESPN’s national broadcast against the Met’s 5-1 John Maine

Can anybody tell me the last time the Mets swept the Yankees?


Joy in (Half of) New York

Well the boys in blue dispatched with the boys in darker blue tonight in the interleague, intracity rivalry.  Oliver Perez looked sharp; the Yankees look bewildered.  As the Prince of New York notes, George has got to be ready to blow a gasket by now.

The Mets, on the other hand, are looking sharp.  The win pulled Perez above the .500 mark at 4-5.  With John Maine and Tom Glavine pitching well, the Mets are looking better than they did a year ago.

Unfortunately so are the Braves…

Mets rally for five runs with one out in bottom of the ninth

 Well, that was wild:

The ball left the bat of Carlos Delgado and bounced beyond the reach of Cubs second baseman Ryan Theriot and beyond the stretch of the Mets’ imagination. The final moments of the season’s most improbable victory were unfolding, an instant after the final fold of the Cubs dotted-line bullpen.

Source: The Official Site of Major League Baseball: News: Major League Baseball News

Take Heart

Take heart, Mets fans: Perez can throw. I’ve seen both Perez and Maine in Norfolk, and of the two, I would choose Perez in a must win. Maine has a little more maturity, and is probably the better pitcher, but if Perez is on he can be absolutely unhittable. Lights out stuff. And if he’s not, you’ve got the entire Mets staff, which has been over the course of the season one of the best in the National League, to step in.

Anyone who has followed the Mets all season long knows they go hot and cold hitting. Remember that slump against Boston in June? The post season numbers indicate only one thing: the Mets are way overdue due for a hot streak. And as anyone who has followed the Mets all season long knows, when they do get hot they can be devastating.

If the bats come out tonight, the Mets can not only win tonight, I Gotta Believe they can not only subdue the Cardinals, they can tame the Tigers.

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Some folk don’t believe in destiny. They are usually the ones grousing in front of the tube this time of year, whining about this and that. Meanwhile, the Mets stepped up tonight and ensured the series is destined to return to Shea. Must have been the You Gotta Believe Fairy Dust Desiree over at Wrightaholics has been spreading around! Personally I’m pleased with the way the series is going. The Mets, who cakewalked through the season, definitely need some adversity to prepare them for the Tigers. The glass is half full.

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