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Game 7

Oh YES!!!. Endy just robbed Rolen of a two run homerun. And I have two words for you: Oliver Perez.

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Ya Gotta

OK, Mets fans, here it is. The Time. The Team. Did I mention the Time?

The 2006 baseball season-for everyone–hinges on tonight’s game. I believe whoever wins tonight will win the NL pennant. I also believe how victory is achieved could very well determine the outcome of the World Series. Right now Detroit believes itself to be the team of destiny. The only team than can beat a team that believes itself to be the team of destiny is another team that believes it has a rightful claim. And, of course, a lineup and a pitching staff-we’re not talking fantasy here, we’re talking faith. But as the Red Sox learned in 2004, and the White Sox learned last year, what makes the difference is…

Ya Gotta Believe.

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They’re Out!!!

It was a foregone conclusion, but the DREADED BRAVES, as RADIOMAN dubbed them, were officially dethroned last night. For the first time in an incredible 15 years, it is a mathematical certainty there will be a champion of the National League East other than Atlanta.

Atlanta has broken the Mets fans hearts so often, however, there will not be a sigh of relief until the Braves are eliminated from wild card contention. Every Met fan can imagine with horror a series at Turner Field, where the Mets haven’t fared well over the years. The Tomahawk Chop in October is a sinister sound.

Tip of the cap to the Atlanta organization for a remarkable job.

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’’It’s not life or death. With so many thousands of people down there, sacrifice is life or death. Baseball’s not.’’

— Mike Piazza, after hitting the game winning home run in the first game in New York City following the terrorist attacks of 9/11

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Tomahawk Chop

It was obvious today there is a new sheriff in the National League East. The Mets swept a doubleheader from the Braves, effectively eliminating the already slim chances Atlanta had of making the playoffs as a wild card. No disrespect: actually, the opposite. The last thing any Mets fan wants to see is the DREADED BRAVES in the playoffs. Too bad RADIOMAN didn’t hang around MLBlogs to see it.

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After the come-from-behind victory over the Phils, the Mets have a 16-7 record in August–using nine different starting pitchers:

Mike Pelfrey

Steve Trachsel

Pedro Martinez

Orlando Hernandez

Tom Glavine

John Maine

Dave Williams
Brian Bannister

Oliver Perez.

One of the spoils of victory is the luxury of developing a staff while resting arms for the playoff run. To paraphrase Delgado: "It is a good time to be a Met."

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Rain Delay

For anyone who might have noticed, I haven’t posted in a few days. We’re in the closing phases of a project, and anyone who has done software development knows how that can be. I’ll be on hiatus for a couple of more weeks. Hope to be back on line sometime in the middle of August. See you soon!

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